(This page will be updated as I am still planning the trip)

I’ll be in China in late April 2018 and I’ll be organising a trip to China. Everything will be taken care of (including travel route, the transport, the local tour guide, accommodation, etc.) All you need to do is to come and practice your Chinese while exploring China with me. I am an award winning wedding photographer. I’ll make this trip even more fun by teaching you photography so that by the end of the trip not only will you speak better Chinese, you’ll also become a better photographer and bring back lots of beautiful photos.

This will be a weeklong trip start from Xi’an on 22nd or 23rd April 2018 and end in Beijing a week later. We will spend 2 or 3 days in Xi’an then take the high-speed rail from Xi’an to Beijing. Beijing and Xi’an are two of the most popular cities amongst travellers to China and they are the favourite cities of most of the guests from our Journey to Chinese Fluency podcast.

I have been to more than 80 cities all over the world and I know a thing or two about planning a trip.

If you plan to travel to China on your own, most likely you’ll have to book a tour company. Most tours will provide you with an extremely packed schedule and you’ll visit all the must-sees under a super short time frame. You schedule will look something like this:

  • Travel to historical site 1
  • Take photos
  • Travel to historical site 2
  • Take photos
  • Lunch
  • Shopping
  • Travel to historical site 3
  • Take photos
  • Shopping
  • Travel to historical site 4
  • Take photos
  • Dinner
  • Back to hotel and sleep

Do you see what’s missing? You miss out on the interactions with the local people, you don’t get to enjoy the trip as much as everything is rushed, you don’t see where local people go and what local people eat. At the end of the trip, all you can say is “I have been to xxx”.

Don’t expect this to be the case with this trip. I want to make this trip a once in a lifetime experience for you.

Currently, this is still in the planning stage. I’ll update this page with more details throughout this week but for now, this is what you can expect from this trip:

  • Friendship with like-minded people and myself 😛
  • Improved Chinese after a week of immersion in the Chinese language and culture
  • Understanding of the Chinese culture
  • Seen the most breath-taking historical sites and ancient Chinese architectures
  • Eaten lots of amazing local Chinese food that are not found elsewhere outside China
  • Improved photography skills


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